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  (Without taking blood)

   “MUKTA” means freedom (from anemia)


This is an extraordinary instrument to bring changes in lives of lacks of anemic patients all over the world. Not only can that it also be used to prevent anemia. It gives an idea about anemia by self examination or by little trained health workers. There is no need to let down blood nor does it require any recurring cost.



(In Gujarati ” Mukta” means “freedom”)

 M = Multipurpose

 U = universally applicable

 K = Knowledge sharing instrument

 T = Treatment tracker

 A = Affordable by all.

Advantages & uses of the instrument.

  1. Detection of anemia by self examination.
  2. Low cost.
  3. Avoids repeated pricks & thereby reducing chances of      HIV/hepatitis B etc.
  4. Progress of anemia status can be measured regularly.
  5. Easy to carry in field.
  6. Good instrument to start talk in groups even in unknown field practice area.
  7. Inter-observer bias, time bias, instrument bias etc. can be avoided.
  8. Person can use it – as mirror

– Detection of caries

– watching progress for jaundice

– in school & ICDS (it can be used to teach self examination for personal hygiene.)

(This will ensure proper preservation & care of an instrument.)

  1. Small scale research on various interventions for anemia.
  2. Anemia control – as it gives detail message on symptoms & causes of anemia as well as hints on treatment of anemia along with list of food articles which are rich in iron.
  3. In dessert it is useful for sending signals/messages.(Common use of mirror)
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