Vitamin A Deficiency Detection

Detection of Vitamin A deficiency

without taking blood  –  I

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Vitamin A is very important nutrient

        Key role in Skin Integration Responsible for healthy Mucous

Membrane Integration Necessary for good Eyesight 

Strengthening Immune System

Consequences of Deficiency

Serious Vision problems – Increase road Accidents

 Higher chances of Cough & Cold

 Asthma | Gastrointestinal Tract infection | Genital Tract infection 

 Skin infections | Increase in Infant mortality

Benefits of The Instrument

  • Indirect method of testing – No Blood required
  • Low Cost – Approx. Rs 1 per  test
  • Portable – Can be easily made Available in even remote Villages
  • Ability to test more than 100+ individuals everyday
  • Low Maintenance Cost , Instant Diagnosis etc

How much it Cost ?

Available on nominal rent also – 200/Day 

Dealership encouraged !! 

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