Product List

Product List
                                                                                       Human  Health Circle                        
Sr.NoName of ProductPrice.
Anemia posters 
1Anemia detection posters with mirror Gujarati (Rose)30
2Anemia Posters  with Hole Gujarati (Rose)20
3Anemia detection posters with mirror Gujarati ( picture of tongue )50
4Anemia detection posters with hole  Gujarati ( picture of tongue )30
5Anemia detection posters with Hole Hindi50
6Anemia detection posters with mirror ( English , Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Panjabi, Asamies, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu50
7Mid upper arm  Circumference tape20
Posters / Charts
1E- charts20
2Vision Chart – Gujarati200
3Vision Chart – English200
4Poster’s For Exhibition (150 variety) per poster200
Health Education CDs/DVDs  – Gujarati
3PoshakAahar   ( Nutrition )200
4Vyasan muktiane swasthayprad jivanshaili  (Healthy Life style)200
5School health200
6talk about nutrition200
7Eye care200
8about human body200
Health Education CDs/DVDs  – Hindi
1Acute Respiratory Tract  Infection200
4Food For health200
5Stop  T.B.200
6Prevention of addiction200
7Hygiene and Sanitation200
8Child heath200
1Saune game swachhta   200
2Medicinal Plants in Gujarati  50
3Home remedies in Gujarati  50
5Where there is no doctor  – Book in Gujarati200
6Sahaj Anand Paramshanti ( Maintaining Peace & Happiness )30
Health  Kit
1Travel kit500
2Family Kit / Home kit5000
3Village Kit     ( For population of 1000 )15000
4School / college Kit ( For 1000 students )12000
Healthy food / Organic Vegetables1kg
1Homemade Chyavanprace1000
2Homemade  Murrabbo500
3Homemade  Nankhatai500
4Homemade  Biscuits500
Software / Instruments
1Concentration Machine2000
2Vitamin A Deficiency detection instrument25000
3Nutrition Education cum calculator with power point slide shows7700
4My HHC App control penal  for organisation (200 members)2000
5Specially designed APP for organisation40000
6Mother and Child Health (web based record keeping and reporting )80000
7Hospital Software  ( Web based / PC based Patient record system ) As per the requirement300000
1Organising Mini Health Exhibition (100 types)2000
2Organising Mega Health Exhibition (500 types)5000
3Training on any health topic – per day (20-40 participant)4000
4Web based correspondance course6000
5Epidemiology Training / Statistics / Research / Data analysis30000
6Tathatsu Workshop15000

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