Nutrition Advance

Nutrition Advance  : An Educational Package for Better Nutrition

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In spite of greater importance of nutrition, hardly any doctor or nutritionist has time or sometimes capability to calculate the daily nutrient intake of the patient/person based on history of total food intake per day and then accordingly advice based on local food availability of patient / person. Larger programmes like mid day meal & ICDS are also in need of simple software which dynamically calculate nutrients in menu which may change as per the locality , season , availability of funds etc. So with following objectives this educational package was developed.

1.To equip nutritionist & Doctors with software which help them for better patient care.

2. To help people/patients to calculate & compare their own nutrients intake & requirement so that they can modify their dietary pattern.

3. Useful in community health programme , nutrition rehabilitation centres , ICDS , Schools etc.


  1. Calculation of nutrients based on history of food intake.
  2. 700 food articles are already entered. More than 10000   food articles/ recipes can be added under specific category.
  3. Nutritive values of recipes are entered automatically, once the compositions of recipes are written.
  4. Requirement of both the sexes at different age groups can be
  5. Automatic comparison of requirement & actual nutrient intake of an
  6. Name of   food   articles   can   be   seen  in  Gujarati / other languages of India.
  7. Listing of food articles rich in specific nutrient in decreasing order.
  8. Listing of nutrients of specific food article.
  9. User friendly. No professional knowledge of medicine is required.
  10. Individual calculations can   be   stored   & recalled periodically.
  11. After learning one can earn by giving print copies of nutrition information  based on this   software.

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