(MY HUMAN Health Circle)

My HHC Overview

The objective of an application is to build up a area wise team all over the world irrespective of the caste , religion , socio economic condition , philosophy for attainment of  holistic health ( physical , mental ,  social and spiritual health ) with integration of various system of health care.

HUMAN Health Care System means integration of


Unani & other systems of health care

Modern Medicine ( Allopathy )



By a simple addition of a format for uploading data of health status, intervention and result, we will be able to have extracted of many patients of all over the world to compare the result of various health care system and there by giving best advice to the world. Around 1000 doctors, health professionals and medical students are likely to join in first phase.

The philosophy is to foster social harmony and development through the universal acceptance of health actions.  The application will be used for the registration as a volunteer for providing social services. The individual who will register can opt for the subject in which s/he is interested. Option for choosing language will be added later on. Organizational status will be assigned by the authority of the respective organization.

Features of the App

  • Registration of a Volunteer
  • User (Volunteer) is allowed to register using registration form.
  • SMS Alert
  • An alert will be sent to the registered volunteer through SMS after successful registration for further interaction with an application which includes credentials.
  • Login
  • A volunteer can log in to the system by provided credentials.
  • In case of invalid credentials, a proper alert message will appear.
  • In case of valid credentials, a user will be redirected to Notice Board.
  • Forgot Password
  • A volunteer can request for a new password by providing phone number to which an SMS alert will be sent containing a new password
  • Notice Board

A notice board will have 8 tabs

  • Daily Message
  • Custom Message
  • Volunteers
  • Contribution
  • Collaboration
  • Help Line Details
  • Feedback
  • Edit profile
  1. Daily Message
  • Here daily message will be displayed the entire volunteer will be able to see the message under this tab.
  • This message will be set by admin.
  1. Custom Message
  • Admin will be able to send custom message to volunteers as per area, origination and subject
  • In addition to this sub admin assigned by admin all over the world as per the levels described below will be able to release area wise messages in their own areas.

Level 1: Country

Level 2: State

Level 3: district

Level 4: Block ( Taluka / Subdistrict )

Level 5: Village

At each level around 4 to 8 volunteers will be given charge of respective area for coordination of health situation.

  1. Volunteers
  • Here as per the hierarchy Volunteer’s profile will be displayed
  • Under this tab in the center Logged in volunteers profile will be displayed. List of all volunteers parallel to the status of volunteer – mobile owner – of the area will be shown.
  • Above the logged in Volunteer’s profile there will be higher level volunteers profile will be displayed as per the State
  • Below the logged in Volunteer’s profile there will be lower level volunteers profile will be displayed as per the State
  • All the volunteers will be able to stay in touch
  • This facility is to work together for a particular area.
  1. Contribution
  • Here static contribution details will be displayed. Here the combination of contribution required and contribution available both will appear for balancing the requirement. In future this will be shown area wise. Overflow in one area of world can be useful to cover up underflow of other area. One family of affluent area can adopt one family of poor area.
  1. Collaboration
  • Here static contribution details will be displayed.
  • Area wise status of collaboration of organizations will be shown in future.
  1. Help Line Details
  • Here all the static helpline details will be displayed.
  • This will be useful for display of local helpline in future for health & development issues.
  1. Feedback
  • Volunteers will be able to send the feedback to the system. Later on the feedback will be automatically diverted to feedback centre.
  1. Edit profile
  • Volunteers will be able to edit the profile from this tab.
  • Share

Volunteer will be able to share the application from his/her mobile.

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