Dr. Hema Mehta

Professional knowledge and skills :

ü Nutrition education for community as well as individual

ü Recipe for low cost  and yet nutritious items

ü Therapeutic diet with good taste for NCDs

ü Nature cure for common ailments

ü Principles and practices of Ayurveda for community health

ü Research design and  appropriate strategy development

ü Data analysis with EPI INFO

ü Application of multiple skills in a integrated way.

ü Field work for need and resource assessment , community contact , interventions , community participation   etc  

ü Integration of various system of health care and comparative study

ü Science and spirituality for healthy life style

ü Balancing between public health and development

ü Team building and objective driven action plan

ü Management of major projects

ü Preparation and standardization of health education material

ü Capacity building of various cadre of workers

ü Collaboration with Government and voluntary organizations  

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