Activity – Health and Happiness

1             Meditation  for peace and happiness

2             Global Medical support unit

3             Holistic HUMAN Health centre. Integrated care with Ayurved and Naturopathy . Indoor facility available.

4             Tasty but healthy food restaurant

5             Musical rain fall ( water diverted to garden )

6             Herbal garden based on 12 Rashi and person should remain close to plants based on birth date. 

7             Tissue salt based on birth date.

8             Research project on one health and related subjects.

9             Outdoor game zone

10           Kabbadi . Khokho . Treasure hunt . Variuos competition Etc

11           indoor game zone

12           Seasonal activities like kite festival.  Holi with herbal colours. 

13           Library special books for children

14           Workshop for creative thinking and action. This is to attract schools for picnic.

15           Health exhibition and self heath assessment

16           Organic farming with active participation of students

17           Waste disposal system : Both for solid and liquid waste.

18           Shopping space  without ac but well ventilated .

19           Bamboo structure and tents with new styles

20           Adventure camps in collaboration( with Anala )

21           Celebration of birth day parties etc.

22           Non – risky Rides and play zone for kids

23           Traditional village zone and musical instruments

24           Travel by Bullock cart

25           Take a ride through our beautiful fields on these wonderful electric vehicles. Enjoy the sights and have fun on these self-balancing marvels.

26           Rope wall climbing is a great workout and a fun adventure activity. Guests at Saguna Baug can enjoy this activity under instructor supervision and the safety of a net.

27           Take a refreshing walk through our green fields.  Learn about crops, plants, their medical uses and our innovative experimental farming techniques. Check out our gift shop with some great all-natural products made right here on our farm.

28           Guests can visit our dairy farm and learn how milk is produced and milk a cow themselves if they wish. Our dairy is also connected to a gobar gas plant that provides cooking fuel for our kitchen. Students and guests can see for themselves the production of clean energy through gobar gas during their visit to the farm.

29           Visit our nursery and learn new things about our beautiful flowers and other plant species. We invite our guests to purchase some of our saplings to take home with them to remember their stay with us.

30           On cold winter nights, we can arrange a campfire so guests can gather with family and friends, stay warm and have a great time.

31           Guests can spot 15-20  different types of birds in different seasons and at different times of the day.

32           After a busy day of walking and taking part in our many activities, guests can experience a relaxing open air foot massage.

33           motivates and promotes artists in the vicinity. We provide free exhibition area where guests can avail any art work if they wish.

34           Best quality food items produced  are available for purchase at the farm shop. Similarly we promote sale of farm goods produced on the nearby farms.

35           Multi-Activity Days and Residentials-A trip to  River is all about trying something new, gaining confidence and learning from new and exciting experiences. We welcome school groups all year round for action packed multi-activity days or residentialvisits.

36           Birthdays at Rock and River-A party at Rock & River is all about having fun trying something new and exciting! Choose from 12 exhilarating activities, in breathtaking surroundings, all at our outdoor adventure centre in Lancashire.

37           There’s all sorts of fun and games, indoors and outdoors, above the trees or on the water – perfect for adventure seeking boys, girls and grown-ups too.

38           Organic food products

39           Wormiculture

40           Organic fertilizer

41           Sky observatory

41           Food

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