The Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) Consultants

CSSD Process Consulting

Our Consultants Aim to Improve Central Sterile Departments and Operating Rooms With a combined 18 years of experience working in Central Services and the Operating Room, our expert consultants help provide custom solutions for your CSSD and OR. We aim to improve your facility’s operational and financial performance by applying best practices and implementing reprocessing improvements. Our consultants not only identify the root cause issues, but also assist the facility with hands-on implementation of customized solutions.

Areas of expertise are:

Quality Improvement Processes: Provide solutions and measure improvements surrounding instrument quality, wet sets, improper repairs and communication between the CSSD and OR.

Education and Training: Staff training and education to help to improve your department’s quality of service.

Policy and Procedures Review: Helping to ensure compliance with industry standards, guidelines and recommended best practice.

CSSD Process Throughput Review: Evaluation of the entire CSSD process, including the utilization of tracking and manual documentation and optimal use of capital equipment.

Instrument and Set Configuration Evaluation:  Guidance and implementation plans towards optimal surgical set configurations and transparency into the quality of surgical instrumentation.

Partnership in Facility Planning and Design: Emphasis on CSSD process flow planning and design needs.

Personnel and Staffing Considerations: Analysis of job descriptions and competencies, core leadership roles and staffing to provide insights for effective and efficient organizational structure.

We are also provides outsourcing of sterile services Contract in the India

Purposes of Outsourcing

Health care organizations that conduct in-depth assessments may decide that outsourcing either is or is not a good option for meeting their needs. Reasons for their decision will vary according to a variety of factors.

Reasons Health Care Organizations Outsource Sterile Compounding Services

Organizations tend to outsource sterile compounding services when guided by a careful assessment of their capabilities of providing services themselves, when unsuccessful in using their own resources to provide those services, or in some cases, upon advice from a consultant. Contracting with an outsourcing firm may produce one or more of the following results.

Quality Assurance

Increased expectations of and pressures from payers, Accreditation organizations and consumer groups to improve the quality of patient care, reduce the incidence of hospital infections, and demonstrate compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

Positive Points

  1. Any Surgical Instruments broken or loss by us that is our responsibilities.
  2. As per standard guideline All Documents records maintained by us.
  3. SOP made by us.
  4. C.S.S.D. staff training arranged by us.
  5. As per work, sufficient staff provide by us.

Central sterile services department

The central sterile services department (CSSD), also called sterile processing department (SPD), sterile processingcentral supply department (CSD), or central supply, is an integrated place in hospitals and other healthcare facilities that performs sterilization and other actions on medical devices, equipment and consumables for subsequent use by health workers in the operating theatre of the hospital and also for other aseptic procedures, e.g. catheterization, wound stitching and bandaging in a medicalsurgicalmaternity or pediatric ward.


  • C.S.S.D service was established to centralize the decontamination, Assembly, Sterilization, distribution & control of sterile items & equipment used in all areas of the hospital. By centralizing these activities, it is possible to provide more effective and efficient service.
  • It is also responsible for economic & effective utilization of equipment resources of the hospital under controlled supervision.


  • To provide optimum service to all departments that requires sterile supplies and / or equipment.
  • To train all employees in order to assure optimal sterile technique & aseptic handling of all sterile items.
  • To effectively carry out the various processes of cleaning, disinfections & sterilization.
  • To maintain quality control parameters for all methods of sterilization & to document the effectiveness of each method.
  • To ensure minimum level of infection through proper waste management.


  • Collection of soiled items, cleaning, disinfection, packing, sterilization, storage & distribution of sterilized items.
  •  Maintaining a ready stock of sterile reusable such as sterile instruments, linen and dressing material.
  • A quality control check is carried for all procedures.

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