Activities of Global Medical Support Unit

1Teaching  & learning methods
2Content of Teaching 
3Standardization of procedures and treatment protocols
4Administrative support : task allocation etc
5Interaction with Government and MCI
6Manpower : Assistance in recruitment 
7Establishing Holistic Health Centre 
8Appropriate Technology for Medical care
9Infrastructure assessement and development 
10Mok inspection before MCI inspections
11Assistance in Various formats for MCI inspection
12Library and resource material development
13Sharing of software at rational cost
14Faculty Record System
15Mother and Child health care recording system 
16Nutrition Software
17Formats and Database Designing for Digital administration
18Different Types of Analysis for management 
19Prepare Project Proposals for various Departments
20Community Health Project with PSM Dept
21Building uip of RHTC and UHTC for PSM Dept
22Recording system for studetns / patients 
23Formation of research ethics committee etc
24Collaboration between various medical colleges
25AS per the requirement of the medical colleges
26Assistance in starting PG courses and allied courses 

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