Tele Medicines


  • This isn’t surprising since the telehealth and telemedicine definitions encompass very similar services, including: medical education, e-health patient monitoring, patient consultation via video conferencing, health wireless applications, transmission of image medical reports, and many more.
  • Telemedicine is an emerging field in healthcare arising out of the synergistic convergence of Information Technology with Medical Science having enormous potential in meeting the challenges of healthcare delivery to rural and remote areas besides several other applications in education, training and management.

1.     Tele-health care: It is the use of information and communication technology for prevention, promotion and to provide health care facilities across distance. It can be divided in the following activities
– Teleconsultation
– Telefollow-up

2.     Tele-education: Tele-Education should be understood as the development of the process of distance education (regulated or unregulated), based on the use of information and telecommunication technologies, that make interactive, flexible and accessible learning possible for any potential recipient. 

Mobile Clinic

  • The Mobile Clinic may be defined as a facility specially fabricated on a vehicle providing examination, consultation, prescription to outpatients including dispensing of medicines, basic laboratory services, vaccination facilities and procedures by a general practitioner/ specialist /super-specialist doctor.
  • Mobile health clinics have the potential to offer a number of cost-savings benefits to the healthcare system, by prompting earlier patient care initiation, improving patients’ ability to self-manage their conditions, avoiding emergency room visits and hospital admissions, and improving the quality of life of their clients.
  • Mobile Clinics are Accessible
  • Technology Only Makes It Better
  • Locating Patient Information Isn’t a Problem
  • They Take a Very Patient-Centric Approach
  • Mobile Health Clinics are Great for Gaining New Patients.

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